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First, we welcome you. We recognize the step you are considering is a sacred moment. It is our desire to honor that. Some see this as a journey back to their spiritual home; others are looking for reconciliation with God and the Church. Whatever your reason for being away YOU are welcome here.



What is Landings?

Landings is an outreach program for Catholics who, for any number of reasons, have been inactive or away from the Church. Although Landings is a program initiated by the Paulist Fathers over 20 years ago, it is run by lay Catholics, who are in solidarity with those returning because in their own lives they have "returned," and continue to "return.”


What can I expect?

You can expect a safe harbor to explore your faith and your future within the Church. In a supportive and confidential setting, you can ask questions, discuss issues and share past and present doubts and difficulties. You can expect an opportunity to be reintroduced to the love of Christ in a no pressure, in an open and non-judgmental environment.


I am divorced. Am I allowed to return to the Church?

We have people come to Landings who are in the need of healing from a divorce. We find that the Catholic teaching concerning divorce is unfortunately, often misunderstood. Divorce does not remove one from the Church. The Church understands that one who has gone through a divorce has lived through a very difficult time in their life. There is a need for healing and closure. This is the role of the annulment process. The Cathedral staff are ready to assist. The first step is to contact us so that we can begin to help.


I was baptized but missed my First Communion. What do I need to do?

People come to us with all kinds of needs. Our job is to listen and find the best way to serve them. For some, it is Landings for others, it might be the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults. Contact us and we can help you determine your next step.


I was raised Catholic, but never Confirmed. What do I need to do?

The Cathedral has an Adult Confirmation program; participants find it highly engaging and rewarding. Contact us and we can help you decide what the right program is for you.


When is the next Landings program?

We start a new program whenever we have three or more participants. If you are interested in exploring Landings then please contact us. We would love to hear from you.


What have others said about Landings?

“The warm, inviting no-pressure atmosphere of Landings eased my return to Catholicism after 35 years. This program is a wonderful mix of discussion about today’s Catholic faith and real life with ordinary Catholics who have experienced spiritual struggles themselves.”

“I was a lapsed Catholic for 12 years. I felt a spiritual calling but wasn’t sure returning to the Church was right. Landings was vital in my decision to return to the Catholic faith.”

“When I went off to college I just kind of slipped away. My friends were not going to church and neither was I.  When I graduated I moved to a new city. Landings helped me to get connected with a Catholic community and reconnected with my faith.”

“The focus from the outset has not been on self but on listening to others in a disciplined way."

"I was amazed at the Church's welcoming stance when I began Landings four years ago after being away from the Church over 30 years"

“I don't think I have lost it.  I still have faith.  I still believe in God.  But, it is different when you move from teenager to adult.  You start to question.  You grow up . . . And so you begin to feel yourself fade away from it, until the remembrance of the fire you felt so long ago is just an ember of a feeling you can't remember.”


I would like to tell a friend about Landings. Do you have a brochure?

Yes we do.  You can download a pdf version, we can mail one to you, contact us, or you can come into the Cathedral office to pick one up.


I would like to help others return to the Church through Landings.

The Landings team is made up of parishioners who desire to welcome Catholics who are considering returning to the Church. It is helpful if team members, have at some point, returned to the Church themselves.  A team leader coordinates each of the groups and sessions according to a planned process. The rest of the team either participates in or leads the individual small group gatherings.  Contact us if you are interested in helping.


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