Prayer Blankets

prayer blanketsEvery month Jean Taylor and volunteers create around 35 prayer blankets of different sizes for infants, kids and adults. The blankets are then blessed at the first Monday, 7am Mass, where the community prays for all the people who will receive a blanket.

Any parishioner can request a prayer blanket for someone suffering from serious illness. Blankets also go to Lack's Cancer Center, Saint Mary's Hospital, St. John's Home and Spectrum Downtown Hospitals that include Devos Children's Hospital.

We have discovered that these blankets are occasionally given to Children of patients who are worried about their sick parents. In one instance, a dying patient asked that his blanket be given to his mom, "because she's going to need it very soon and I won't need it anymore." In another instance, a prayer blanket was used to wrap an infant who had died; sensing God's embrace in the blanket, mom then held the baby. It was the mother's wish that the baby should be buried in that prayer blanket.
jean sewing
Blankets are often passed on to others by those who once received comfort from them. Jean says, "The blessing does not wash off, so keep the blessing moving."

If you are connected to the Cathedral of Saint Andrew parish, you may request that someone receive a prayer blanket through our Prayer Chain or by contacting the Cathedral Office.

If you would like to volunteer your sewing skills, contact Jean Taylor.

If you would like to be a part of the Ministry to the Sick and Homebound, contact Janet Baumgartner.

Financial donations and donations of blankets or blanket material are welcome. To donate please contact the Cathedral office.

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