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Too often we think of faith formation in terms of religious education and specifically for children. Yet children are presented the faith in developmentally appropriate ways. Only as adults, are we finally able to penetrate the meanings and implications of the mystery of God's love and incarnation. Only as adults, can we connect the teachings and practice of our faith with spirituality and the movements of our daily lives. The journey of faith formation can not end with grade school or even high school. It is truly lifelong, just as our journey of relationship with God is lifelong.

The term "Adult Faith Formation" necessarily covers a lot of ground. Adults come to the Church with a many different desires, backgrounds, education and needs. Our bishops have said to us that Adult Faith Formation is to be the heart of the catechetical vision and practice. (Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us, no 6). It is our hope that you will find something here to help you on your journey with God through study, fellowship, prayer and sacraments.  

How can I learn more about God's Word, the Bible?

You can get involved in Scripture Study in a couple different ways here at the Cathedral. You can join a Little Rock Scripture Study Group, or participate in classes offered by the Catholic Information Center. You may also learn at home. Visit the Scripture Study Page.


How can I learn about Catholic/Christian Spirituality?

If you prefer a class environment, try the Catholic Information Center or the Dominican Center. For online materials visit our Christian Spirituality page for web-links and book reviews.


How can I get involved in a small group?

Small groupSmall Faith Sharing Groups are a great way to explore and learn about your relationship with God through the experiences of other Catholics and good learning materials. They also help you get to know your friends and neighbors better. There are several small group opportunities at the Cathedral. Visit our Small Groups page or contact us for more information.


I want to know more about Adult Lifelong Faith Formation?

Visit our Lifelong Faith Formation page for more information.


I'm thinking about returning to the Church. Where do I start?

Balloon IconLandings is an outreach program for Catholics who, for any number of reasons, have been inactive or away from the Church. Landings is run by lay Catholics, many of whom were away from the Church at previous points in their life. They help returning Catholics explore their faith and their future within the Church. Visit our Landings Page or contact us for more information.


I'd like to explore becoming Catholic. Where do I start?

rcialogoWe welcome inquiry into the Catholic Christian Faith. The process is called the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). There are inquiry sessions going on all year long and you can join in at any time. Visit our RCIA Page or contact us for more information.


I was baptized Catholic but never received the other Sacraments.

rcialogoWhatever the reason, if you were unable to receive the Sacraments, we want to help you to feel welcome and part of our community. The process for reception of the Sacraments is called the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). You may begin at any time. Visit our RCIA Page or contact us for more information.


I missed Confirmation when I was younger.

confirmation adultsPreparing for the reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation as an adult is an excellent way to explore your Catholic faith and the Cathedral community. Confirmation preparation starts in late January-early February. It is a 10-week small group that explores the depth of the Catholic faith and how to connect it to your daily life. Visit our Adult Confirmation Page or contact us for more information.


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